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"Love your body because you only have one."

- Nadia Nasimuddin, Founder of POP

  • Pop Neutral - Ezanee Ishak

    Ezanee Ishak

    "My stretch mark appearance due to pregnancy seems to reduce a bit after consume it 1 week"

  • Pop Neutral - Andrea Herman

    Andrea Herman

    "Leaves skin deeply moisturised without being greasy. Will definitely repurchase!"

  • Pop Neutral - Haaziq Zahar

    Haaziq Zahar

    "I have been using this oil for around 5 days and I can feel my skin is getting tighter and the stretch marks are reducing. Love the smell of this oil as well."

  • Pop Neutral - Nievanee Ravindran

    Nievanee Ravindran

    "I love the dry brush and how it feels. I use it in the morning before shower and is a great wake me up for the muscles."

  • Pop Neutral - Kelly May Wong

    Kelly May Wong

    "During dry brushing the bristle intensity level on my skin is good. I mix both oils & apply on skin after shower the absorption is excellent, the pleasant smell makes me feel immediate relaxation & joy! Thank you POP Neutral."

  • Pop Neutral - Azlin Ithnin

    Azlin Ithnin

    "Using the brush makes my skin smooth and the oils complement it perfectly. Will definitely repeat!"


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