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Waist & Hip Trimmer (Modern Bengkung)

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POP’s Waist & Hip Trimmer (Modern Bengkung) is easy to use, perfect solution if you don't have any help during your confinement period to help get your body back to pre-pregnancy shape. 

Made with soft and breathable 100% cotton for optimum comfort. It is a effortless traditional girdle but comes with a side zip so you are able to get it and out of it easily. BONUS: going to the toilet will not be a hassle. At the same time you are able to control the tightness of the trimmer yourself without assistance.

It stays secure so you can get on with your daily routine without any restrictions and doesn't come loose easily.

This special trimmer is perfect for mothers during postpartum recovery and great for anyone who wants to get back in shape.


  • Improves posture as they return to pre-pregnancy position.
  • Aids in restoring abdominal wall.
  • Prevents and relieves shoulder and back discomfort.
  • Reduction of excess fluid and air in the abdominal tissue and cells.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Decreases the length of postpartum bleeding.
  • Provides physical comfort and support.
  • Stabilization for ligaments.
  • Prevents slouching while nursing your baby.


1. Ensure the sides are zipped from top to bottom (downwards direction)

2. For first-time use, crisscross the laces to ensure it is as tight and secure as possible while ensuring you are comfortable and able to breathe.

3. Unzip the sides from the bottom halfway up, if you need to go to the toilet.

4. Unzip from the bottom completely upwards when you want to remove it.

*Do NOT untie the front crisscross laces*

5. Fold and store it back in the ziplock bag when unused.

6. To wear it again, simply zip it up and tighten the laces on the front to your optimum comfort.

Use it daily after giving birth, a minimum 1 month during the confinement period. Continue to get ideal results.

* can be applied with POP's heat sculpting serum or intense firming oil.

For mama's that has undergone c-section, please consult doctors for medical advise for the usage of this product.


  • 100% Cotton.
  • Comes in a Ziplock bag.
  • Zipper for quick removal.
  • POP Exclusive Logo.


  1. S-L : hip size from 30" to 37" - Fabric length: 20” (width) x 45” (length)
  2. XL-XXL: hip size from 38" to 45" - Fabric length: 20” (width) x 56” (length)


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